Whitecode Developments | Fire-Stopping
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About This Project

WDL was engaged to investigate a possible non-functioning ventilation system. During the investigation of a ventilation system complaint, WDL discovered (via a passive smoke test) that there was a breach in the party wall re stopping between cores of the same development (social and private housing). As a consequence, WDL provided further endoscopic investigations of common areas and within some dwellings to report on the general condition and liabilities to the developer of the re stopping integrity of the building.


Through WDL project management, Fire Marshalls were engaged to patrol the common corridors 24/7 and specialist re stopping contractors together with dray wall system fixers were appointed to a end for full protection opening up ceilings and subsequent making good as required.


A programme of work was produced with the commencement of common area remediation followed by resident consultation and systematic remediation and redecoration to each dwelling causing minimal disruption and inconvenience.


As a precautionary measure, WDL was engaged to discreetly investigate a series of previous developments constructed over a 20 year period and to schedule out the re stopping condition of both common areas and to selected/random dwellings to determine the ‘risk’ and potential liabilities of the developer for the latent defect of compartment re stopping.


Developments were investigated and scheduled from major to minor risk categories and all works were budgeted with approximate programme durations. Works comprised of upgrading electrical riser cupboards and service penetrations from the common corridor into each at/apartment and where found necessary, to upgrade the re stopping integrity of the party walls between flats.

Project Management, Surveys