Whitecode Developments | Making Your Construction Defects Disappear
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Making Your Construction Defects Disappear

Making Your Construction Defects Disappear

Can you answer yes to any of the following?

When things go wrong do you find it difficult to resolve the construction issue to completion as contractors blame each other?


Do you not trust the contractor to resolve the issue?


Has the contractor gone bust and you need a trusted expert to resolve the issue?


Has your contractor had several attempts to resolve something and you have lost patience?


Do you just need someone to manage the works and sign it off as complete and up to standard?

Well, Whitecode Developments can help…

We are experienced Project Managers who can quickly bring the difficult situation you find yourself in under control. We can deal directly with customer bookings, residents, management companies and authorities to make the problem “go away”.


Below are some of the common issues that we are experienced in managing:

  • Fire stopping
  • Heating issues
  • Ventilation issues and condensation
  • Common area overheating
  • Excessive water temperatures
  • Fire compliance
  • Water ingress roof leaks


WDL have a team of experienced Site Inspectors and Surveyors who can diagnose your issue. Our Project Managers can then manage your contractor to resolve the issue or, if you would prefer, using our trusted network of contractors we can deliver the total package.


During the process our Project Managers, who can also be on-site residents, will deal with your issues directly and contact our extensive network of expert surveyors to quality assurance check the resolution to ensure your issue is resolved completely.